Jim Shaw and his agenda

Jim Shaw is an author who was a Mason and was a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. He wrote a little known book called Deadly Deception as a treatise of the “Satanic Cult” Freemasonry. Never far gone, this book is coming back to light as an example of why Freemasonry should be shunned and feared by many “New World Orderits” and Rabid-Anti Masonic Evangelicals. Many people are using it as a glaring example of the imagined ills Freemasonry brings the world.

Quoting from Masonic info “For several years, Jim Shaw’s book lay in dusty corners unknown and unacknowledged. For a time, those who want to ‘prove’ how evil Masonry ‘really’ is were giving it a LOT of attention! With the refutation of the lies it contains and no way to discredit the facts on the record, it seems to be slowly sinking into the muck of oblivion.”

It seems that Shaw was in fact a mason, and a Scottish Rite Mason, tendering his demit in 1966, after joining in 1945. His references to various positions in Freemasonry are accurate, but his embellishment of ceremonies and activities are absurd. The amusing aspect to all that who quote and cite his work is that they refuse to do the research and find the truth by asking the source.

Shaw’s bias is so very apparent that in his own text he says, “I spoke to myself out loud. It was as if I were the only man in the world as I heard myself say, slowly and deliberately, “It isn’t ancient, it isn’t Scottish, it isn’t free, and it isn’t right!” after calling a made up meeting of the Rite a “Black Mass”.

To the reader, I beseech you, do your homework. Ask a Scottish Rite Mason, ask a Mason. Knock on a door to a lodge and ask. Continuing slander like this to further another cause is beneath the believers in Christianity. I say this because Shaw’s text is an overwhelming message of salvation through Christ, at the expense of lies made up about Freemasonry . Would Christ be so backhanded?

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~ by Greg on February 1, 2006.

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