Pop Occulture

Seekers of light come in all manner of symbolic systems, if any at all. One seeker that I’ve run across a few times is Tim Boucher at Pop Occulture. His approach and methodology to looking at the “occult” in culture (pop occulture) is by analysis of the things we look at every day. Why do things happen the way they do and who are the ones behind it. Interestingly, his approach is not with a religious angle or a philosophical one. Instead it is one of genuine curiosity and interest. I think in many ways I share in his zeal to know more. So to does Freemasonry promote the asking of the question why.

Light exists in many places and in many forms. This exploration of Pop-Occulture is a very straight up examination of why. Quoting from the site “Question everything, even questions. Then question why you would want to question everything. Then question why you would want to question why. Rinse. Repeat.”. Somewhere in that examination the answer may come to light, but the answer is different to all people. A great aspect about this site is his examination is the effects these issue have on modern culture.

A great read, very well worth it. I am adding it to the links on the right for you to have on hand to look at later.

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~ by Greg on January 31, 2006.

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