Magical Mysterious Masonic Underwear

The Magical Mysterious Mormon Underwear have been an interesting facet of Mormonism for many years. The drawing is of Joseph Smith’s original Mormon garments, whith curiously familiar Masonic emblems.

If you ask a Mormon, they deny it to the end that there is any connection, but when you look at some of the inner teachings, it’s indisputable that many of freemasonry’s ideas have been “borrowed” to use with the Latter Day Saints.

The underwear, that, I’m glad to say, were not borrowed from the craft.


~ by Greg on January 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “Magical Mysterious Masonic Underwear”

  1. Hilarious! Thanks for posting.

    Nice to know that boxers or briefs don’t apply…


  2. The LDS church has done away with the “union suit” garments. Today they offer a two piece variety with differing fabrics.

    The “magic underwere” are actually called the “Garments of the Holy Priesthood”. In the Temple Endowment Ceremony, the Square and Compass marks (called simply “marks”) basically are identified with the same meanings as given in the Blue Lodge degrees.

    The Horizontal on the Knee does have a unique meaning, reminding one to bow to Christ if you will.

    There is also some disagreement on the direction of the square mark. Whether it should appear as it does in this picture, or in the typical 90 degree angle position. (ie reversed). But we’ll leave that to the Mormons.

  3. I have heard it said that the holy underwear come from the fact that the Knights Templar wore the same undergarments and never changed them.

    It’s always a shame when dogma gets in the way of good works..

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