Practical Theology Discussions: Freemasonry in Christianity — Is there room on the pew?

Practical Theology Discussions: Freemasonry in Christianity — Is there room on the pew?

the conversation contines…
Pastor Buice,
Let me respond briefly, though I appreciate and enjoy the conversation.

By denying a “covenant” with someone, you are locking away any chance of relating to someone. What better way to convey Christ, or any message, than by befriending them. When you do it draws boundaries and territory, and that turns people off. No other name under heaven besides JC, but how to balance that to those that have not heard the word? Are they damned because they just never got the evangelist? Freemasonry recognizes that Jesus Christ’s bible is true to Christians, just as the Koran is to Muslims, and the torah is to Jews. Do 20th century Christians have the dominion of who is right and who is wrong when it comes to faith? And if your answer is yes, then why?

how can you say the Bible is free from human error? You have had 2000 years of custody from it’s actually happening to the latest printing. So if a printer in China makes a typo, it is a literal hand of god change? And, if it has been uncorrupted, why deviate from the Catholic Church, when the bible clearly defines it operating as the Universal Orthodoxy? How do you reconcile the discrepancies in the gospels as to Christ’s birth, one wealthy, one poor?

The quote you gave me was WORD, not LOGOS, and the KJV says WORD. But it must be a printing error, or as you say now open to interpretation.

As for bowing and worshiping or causing others to worship false idols, NO, that is not true, in no part of the ceremony did I worship to any graven image or idol. To the contrary, the most symbolic symbols were from western Christianity and used in their “proper context”, so your “sources” are questionable. If someone leaves an organization jilted or with inpure motives, the best thing they can do is damn it in what they say about it. how better to appeal to the senses of those they are playing to. I would suggest checking your sources again or better yet, experience it for yourself.

Your job is not be tolerant if you will ban people who do not agree with your (the SBC’s) set of moral guidelines. Your absolutely right, Christ is the only way to salvation to Christians, but to others it is not. Tolerance is accepting that, not trying to change their mind.

I appreciate your instructions on Salvation. I am a Christian, baptized and saved. But I am also interested in where these things we believe so fervently come from. The blind eye is the one that does not ask the question of why do we do this, why do we believe this.


~ by Greg on January 27, 2006.

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