Fire Angel – Personal (R)evolution

Fire Angel – Personal (R)evolution
Just another anti-Masonic blog to bring into the light. I love the days I get to root these out and comment on them. This sits, like so many others, uses quotes from a variety of sources, referencing the worship of Satan as the main purpose of Freemasonry along with the usual control of the world rhetoric.

But these people forget that what they profess to be the antithesis of freemasonry is not free of blemish, including the selling of salvation, molestation of innocent children, and murder in the name of faith. These anti- sites forget a lot, but still under the banner of the love of Christ.


~ by Greg on January 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “Fire Angel – Personal (R)evolution”

  1. LOL…I feel strangely honored…a whole post for moi?
    I find it especially interesting that you’re attempting to “mark” my Blog as “anti-masonic” since I clearly state:
    “…a Blog about
    being black,
    staying black,
    LOVING black…”
    on every single page.
    One can only assume, a conscious black person has no place in Freemasonry…go figure

  2. It seemed more fitting in the catagory, rather than pro-Freemasonry.

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