The message…

What is the message of Freemasonry? Not that we need to have one, and not that we really live by credo’s and maxims to identify who we are, but in reading this article, here
The article is about a gubernatorial candidate for Ohio, and promoting him on the coat tails of Jesus. It got me to think about what our message is.

Quoting from the article, “A choir and a gospel quartet brought the audience to its feet with praise songs as images of American landmarks, heroes and troops moved across the screens.

Johnson warned that Christians have allowed a “secular jihad” to remove prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Bible from public places.”

It goes on to say that: “He likened it to Nazi Germany, where church congregations would sing so that they could not hear the passing of trainloads of crying Jews headed for a nearby concentration camp.”

Does Freemasonry need such a dramatic message? Do some segments of Freemasonry use vitriolic speech like this to present themselves as uber defenders of the faith? I think this could be a good foundation to examine what the purpose of Freemasonry is. Are we still about public education? How do we define brotherly love? These were things from 100+ years ago that were unresolved ills of society. Today, though not perfect as we see in the no child left behind programs, they are better improved and not such the blight on society. Where do we go from here?

But I digress… In my own experience, I have not witnessed messages like these in my day-to-day goings on with Freemasonry. I have heard about it happening, but we all know about hearsay. The concern, and reason for the post is to simply just emphasize the importance of keeping such divisive and single mindedness out of Freemasonry.

The article ultimately is about a Christian conservatism backing the gubernatorial candidate, and rallying to protest other non-profits suspected dealings in politics, creating a witch-hunt to investigate.

Consider this then as a warning to forming reactionary factions. Sure in the end, the biggest club (voice, mailing list, following insert your item) wins, but at what cost? My own personal opinion here, in Freemasonry and in general, is to work to be less divisive, and more cohesive. Forcing someone else to believe the way you do is more akin to Nazi Germany than not. A secular “jihad’ is not about driving out Christians, but about leaving room for everyone else. Remembering the statement in masonry, peace and harmony being the fabric of a lodge, this can easily apply to the outside world as well.


~ by Greg on January 23, 2006.

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