Freemasonry in the Blogosphere today

Just another small sampling of the blogs mentioning Freemasonry.

Irina is Always Right
Freemasonry and the layout of DC. Not a new story, but I think the streets do make some odd looking images, even as stick figures. It’s a nice rant on masonry though, espicially from a non mason.

An interesting open letter to a call in talk show. The Idea here is that philosophy is lacking in our educational system, leading to our moral decline. Interesting tie-in to the founding fathers and a link to a site that warrents more exploration.

Lone Patriot
It really is no wonder he’s alone. Zionist conspiracy with the Illuminati… Nothing new. I would classify it as an anti-masonic post.

Another Money/Freemasony connection. Only this time it involves the Annanaki and that Freemasons are the watchers of the changes in the world.

Lengthy freemasons info
Freemasonry, Saddam, New World Order….I’m sensing a common theme here.


~ by Greg on January 19, 2006.

One Response to “Freemasonry in the Blogosphere today”

  1. i am super interested in masonry, as i can never be one. if you would at any point like to marry me that would be nice too. i’ve set my sights on a freemason.

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