Is Freemasonry ready for the Da Vinci Code?

Is Freemasonry ready for the Da Vinci Code?

the Da Vinci Code is poised for a theatrical release date of May 19, 2006. Likely, Dan Brown will be releasing his new work “The Solomon Key” will likely be released close to that date to help push the product. Is Freemasonry ready for this sudden injection of attention? Have we done enough to pave the way for what readers will be looking for? Unlike the Da Vinci Code, this time there is a real organization, unlike the Illuminati, that is still a living, breathing body. Do we have the resources to weather the onslaught of questions and press on this? Will there be any questions or press? Is it even an issue?

Overnight, Freemasonry stands to be demonized or sainted in the eyes of the public, and we, as an organization, need to be ready to reap the benefits or shoulder the repercussions for a faulty response. In my own opinion, this will not be a warm fuzzy feeling like the one from National Treasure, where the good police man sported a square and compass on his ring.

Our fraternity is to be the subject of a critically acclaimed, popular, “dynamic”, and national best-selling author’s book, a follow up to a publicly lauded Grand Slam. Dan Brown will foist influence on our fraternity in some way.

WE WILL GET INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION, beyond anything we have imagined.

Are we prepared for it?


~ by Greg on January 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “Is Freemasonry ready for the Da Vinci Code?”

  1. In my view neither the DaVinci code, nor Dan Brown’s other book ‘Angels and Demons’, says much of anmything at all about Freemasons.

    He makes a few passing references and nothing more. He does talk a ton about the Priory of Sion and the alleged ‘Illuminati’ but I fail to see what that has to do with Freemasonry.

    The Priory of Sion is a well known hoax where a bored Frenchman pulled the leg of some credulous authors. The Illuminati never amounted to much of anything.

    I guess what we have to deal with is when these fringe occultist groups try to align themselves with our good Fraternity and, in so doing, give it a bad name.

    What I would be more concerned about it “The Solomon Key”. However, I am somewhat hopeful on this point.

    I just recently read the book “Secrets of the Widows Son” a pre-bunking of Dan Brown’s upcoming novel. It is almost entirely positive towards the Fraternity.

    And, regardless of the spin Brown may put on it, clearly the theme of his next book is that the great men in the American Revolution were Freemasons (which is true).

    However, and this is key, there have recently been a number of *huge* bestsellers about key figures in the American Revolution. Including Brother George Washington and Right Worshipful Brother Benjamin Franklin. None of these books made any mention that they were Freemasons or how much Masonic thought influenced the birth of our nation!

    So, while the bestseller lists are filled with books about these great men who helped create our nation, the craft they belonged to, which helped instill these ideas, is not mentioned at all.

    So..the pre-bunking of Dan Brown’s next book credits all of our revolutionary patriots as being devoted to the craft. And, in addtion Dan Brown’s book, regardless of whatever conspiracy theories he will spin, will also credit them with belonging to the craft.

    In one paragraph in ‘Angels and Demons’ Dan Brown suggests that George Washington was a member of the ‘illuminati’ a group of ‘scientists’ devoted to destroying the Church.

    It made me angry when I read that, and not just angry because I was a Freemason, but angry because I was an American.

    If he tries to trash George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Nathanael Greene, and others in his novel, I expect the average American to react similarly.

    I suspect there will be a great debate about how involved Freemasonry was with the American Revolution. The internet is already filled with websites that claim George Washington wasn’t really all that ‘into’ Freemasonry. (Hint..he *was*). And, when biographies of Benjamin Franklin fail to recognize the influence of Masonry in his life (he was the Grand Master for goodness sakes!) it is an oversight that deserves to be corrected.

    If the average American today looks back on our patriots, and their great cause with misty eyes, then let us get excited about the opportunity for it to raise awarness of the craft which remains alive still today!

    As fanaticism continues to grip our world Freemasonry is never more relevant than any other time in the past.

    The more people learn about it, the more they will be drawn to it.

    I am hopeful that in my lifetime young people will realize they can only watch so much TV and play so many video games before they realize there must be something more to life.

    Brother John

  2. Br. John is correct of course, in that Da Vinci only had a fleeting connection to Freemasonry, but I think it did spark an interest, and the movie is bound to build on that. And it underlines the need to be prepared for the new book, which will bring FMry even more into focus.

    I’m hoping Solomon’s Key will present a positive view (I think DB even said as much), but there’s still bound to be people who will try to turn it into a story, by adding a bit drama and what-ifs. I think the important thing is to not go on the defensive and get all worked up about it. It is after all fiction, and that’s how it should be dealt with.

    If either the movie or the new book encourages someone to read more on the subject and form their own opinion, even better.

    The Danish Order of Freemasons has a press coordinator, and all contact with the media has to go through him. I expect he has a busy time ahead of him, but he has done a good job so far.

    I’m hopeful about the whole situation.

  3. I have read both DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. There are indeed passing remarks with regard to Freemasonry. Even in the movie National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage there are references to Freemasonry and symbols.

    Although these books and movie do not disclose much about Freemasonry, it is creating a good awareness about the fraternity and has become a topic for discussion at social gatherings, dinners etc where non-masons have started discussing and asking questions about the S & Cs, and the All Seeing Eye and what they signify. It is quite hillarious to listen to some of these discussions.

    It is understandable that we Masons get carried away by movies or books that refer to our fraternity and symbols and project negative views. After all movies and books are fictions and we Masons should be well capable of and prepared to discuss Freemasonry with non-masons.

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