A New Year!

I write this short article late after the first of the New Year for reflection and contemplation on what to write about.

The main site Freemason Information is nearing a year since it’s inception (May of ’05) and it has trafficked more than 14,000 views. I know in my own head that it is not much, but that is 14,000 computers that have displayed the square and compass and explored the meaning of Freemasonry.

I can attest, since the constructing this site, that a dozen men have approached me on how to petition to become a Freemason. A couple were from seekers from outside of the US, but many were in the boundaries of North America. All of them I have endeavored to find a Masonic lodge to make their own.

But my site is not a sole candle. Last year we say the demise of Freemasonry for the Next Generation, operated by W:. Tim Bryce. His site was closed because of perceived threats to the institution of authority in the great state of Florida’s Grand Lodge. Now censored, Tim has found an outlet and has been a contributor to the Freemasonry Information site, and will, I hope, continue to be one.

There are other sites that I hope to catalog and introduce as the year progresses. Like Masonic Lodges, Masonic web sites are way stations in the ethereal world of cyberspace. Collectively, we stand to offer a wealth of information to those who seek it out. But like all things, masons are in all aspects of society. Just as they are of all creeds, races, genders, and faiths, they are in all spaces on-line. One such site I have found Masonic brothers has been the online gathering point MySpace.com. When I set my roots down there, I expected to be one of perhaps a handful, but instead I find there to be hundreds (dare I say thousands) who are brothers, living regular lives, interacting with others, representing that they are Masons. Truly, they are just and upright brothers.

This has been a tremendous year of growth and exploration for me as an editor and as a Mason. I have read, learned, and talked more about Freemasonry and what it means than ever before. I hope to evolve this in the next year to be twice as much. There are volumes to learn about Freemasonry and it’s components, and I encourage all of you reading this to do the same. Thanks for helping to make this be a great year, and stay tuned for more log entries.

Greg Stewart
Editor – Freemason Information


~ by Greg on January 10, 2006.

One Response to “A New Year!”

  1. Bravo! My decision to start freemasonblog.com was inspired by a random blog I had found months ago before I was initiated into the brotherhood. It is my belief that websites like yours will help the fraternity in the future, as we are providing TRUE and positive information about Masonry and its benefits to our personal lives and our society. I am truly inspired.

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