Freemasonry and the Internet.

Freemasonry’s presence on the internet is not what one would imagine. The ancient fraternity, famous for it’s writings and illumination of light, is woefully dark in this digital realm where much of the world looking.

Just for statistical sake, The average Internet User Age
Age Percent of Users
35 – 44 25%
18 – 24 23%
25 – 29 17%
30 – 34 15%
45 – 54 15%
55 – 64 3%
65 or Older 1%

“Approximately 66% of all Internet users are male” statistic from: here
Is this not the audience that mainstream Freemasonry is looking to reach?

Further, that “63 percent of U.S. adults now are online and many of them – especially those with several years of online experience – have built Internet use into their lives in practical ways.” It goes on to say that “87 percent of U.S. Internet users said they have access at home and 48 percent said they have access at work in our August 2003 survey. 31 percent of Internet users who go online from home have broadband as of August 2003.” quoting

Is Freemasonry reaching these users? Do we have a presence on the internet? Brother Tim Bryce has written a brief look at Freemasonry and the Internet and what every Grand Lodge around the world needs to consider.

We need a strong presence on the web.

Quoting from the piece:
“Basically, what I have learned is this, if that there was ever a vehicle devised for supporting Freemasonry, it is the Internet. The Internet fits Freemasonry like a glove and begs the issue of the universality of the Brotherhood. Regrettably, as a relative newcomer, it is still not considered a vital and integral part of Masonic operations. This is due to simple ignorance of its capabilities. Understand this; the Internet is primarily a vehicle for our younger Brothers as well as those considering joining this great institution. It is our future.”

Read all of Brother Tim Bryce’s article here and let us know what you think.

For a full perspective to what the web offers, this site is comprehensive in it’s analysis and trending. Pew Internet and American Life Project


~ by Greg on December 21, 2005.

One Response to “Freemasonry and the Internet.”

  1. I know that my first exposure to Freemasonry was via the Internet. Nobody in my family is a Mason. And, as far as I know, no one in my family has ever been a Mason.

    As has been oft repeated, the generation gap between the WWII Mason’s and the Gen X’ers will only be bridged through the Net. It’s a blessing in disguise as I see it. Without the Internet, how many of us without friends or family would ever have discovered or become Masons?

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