Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary

Happy 300th Birthday, Ben! He drew lightning from the sky, helped establish the first public hospital, university and library, and went on to shape an independent and unified nation, as well as the American character. He was a printer, writer, scientist, inventor, civic leader, revolutionary and international diplomat. He was one of the more extraordinary men of his time — and ours.

January 17, 2006, we mark Benjamin Franklin’s 300th birthday — our first founding father to reach this milestone.

Happy Birthday Brother Franklin.

I was skeptical that there would be any mention in this event of Br. Franklin’s membership in Freemasonry. But low and behold, there is on a fact sheet.


~ by Greg on November 8, 2005.

One Response to “Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary”

  1. And don’t forget a ladies man! LOL

    Ben is one of my faves… He said the phrase that has been used over and over which I love

    … “God helps those who help themselves”….

    remember you get out of it what you put into it…

    Kudos to you for this post.

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