Masonic Imagery

I question whether or not this piece is Masonic or not. The translation reads
durch arbeit zur einigkeit – by work to the agreement
which could have a lot of meanings. I do find the eye and the pyramid are intriguing, and overall this is an interesting piece. My sources tell me it’s German, pre WW2, I want to say almost in promotion of socialism, working together to an agreement.

the art is interesting, and I love the Masonic reference to the tools. Interesting piece.


~ by Greg on November 7, 2005.

2 Responses to “Masonic Imagery”

  1. Brother,
    I would agree that it might be masonic, … or not. I would think it since on the wall being built there is a serpent biting its own tail and within it a level crossed by a gavel and trowel. That image is very euro-masonic from the work that I’ve seen (which could be more).

  2. I think the text could be translated “Unity through Work”. The combination of tools at the bottom would point to an operative body, perhaps a craft labor union.
    Leon Zeldis

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