Freemasonry and the Blogosphere…

I’ve had the opportunity recently to come across 2 interesting blogs:
I will be linking to soon here. Both are by brothers of the craft, one with a list of credentials as long as a cable tow, the other newly raised. Both offer interesting perspectives on what Freemasonry and it’s prevailing idea are, the unique thing is the similarity between them.

Interesting to me is that there are not many mason’s who are writing many public blogs. Perhaps there are and I am just not finding them. But the ideas of Freemasonry are very valid and warrant speaking out about them. How else to spread the word on the fraternity than by discussing it.

With these 2 blogs, they illustrate the rich ideas that exist in within it’s fraternity. I believe one problem so many lodges (and masons) suffer from is a narrow perspective on what masons, outside of their immediate lodge, think and do. This is important to explore and share ideas. Part of this whole common experience is our mutual foundation for the house not built with hands. this house has many and varied ideas on what the principals mean, but all with the same foundation on Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Exploration, through blogs, message boards, meetings, associations, even parties, helps to build the fraternal bonds between us. But it takes talking about it…

We as an organization have the foundation to be very strong. Not wielding political power or financial authority, but by the formation of ideas and attitudes. Just in the principals of the level, plumb, and square, These principals inculcated into society would restore the bonds between mankind. But to do that requires us to talk more.

More later…


~ by Greg on November 3, 2005.

5 Responses to “Freemasonry and the Blogosphere…”

  1. this blog posted an article today about shriners and masons. do you agree with it?

  2. To a certain extent I do agree. The fraternity missed a generation, and now it is feeling the effects of that lost era. In the 40’s and 50’s, the fraternity grew beyond its wildest dreams. In large part they grew because of the post-war fraternalism from men bonded in war. The lodge offered them a place, much like the VFW’s did to come together and associate. Now fast forward 50 years, with a generation missed, these same guys are dying, and so will many of their programs started in their heyday.

    Is this our future? Probably. Is this our demise? Probably not. There is still time to turn the tide and remind the world that Freemasons are still here.

  3. Some people put so much emphasis on the work inside the lodge. But I believe that the true freemason is one that shines outside the lodge as well as in. One that does the work truly and fully and shows the world what a true Mason is made of. We will not die out. For thousands of years we have not and we will not now. As you said the one thing that has hurt Masonry is the fact that it was kept completely secretive and so the people outside the lodge do not know what it is… They fear what they do not know so they make their own assumptions. But one thing you said more important than anything else and so true is that we all need to remember what Masonic beliefs stand for and what the original cause was… Then deploy that within our groups and everyday actions and not get too caught up with just the degrees or what goes on in a lodge 🙂

    Kudos for this post.

  4. For the frenchspeaking blogosphere, there is a Masonic Blog (Blog Maconnique – Visit us.

  5. There are some other blogging Masons. I have posted about four or five Masonic items including a review of the status of Freemason Catholics and the preparatory work of my class for the Maine Masonic College. Have a look:

    Christian Ratliff

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