the philosophy of Freemasonry

I was thinking about the philosophy of Freemasonry and what it means. Is it such a society to keep it’s secretes locked indoors and away from the public at large, and if so, why? Are these things to be treated as such esoteric items that only a few initiated individuals should have the right to see the philosophy at work?

With the change and evolution of Freemasonry, and the change in public perception and attitudes, perhaps the Fraternity has purposefully receded into it’s halls and gone quiet. Does the modern world want Freemasonry? Perhaps out of ignorance, the great society has been demonized as a dinosaur of times gone by fueled by antiquated ideas and purposes.

It seems to me that the past elements of Freemasonry have been distilled out to make a more transparent form of the craft. The purpose of this transformation was to make it more palatable to the masses, who were not literate in the knowledge of the ancients. Is it easy to accept that the wisdom that we take for granted today came from somewhere and some when else, that it is not unique and has been transformed over the millennium.

Like all things, there is no proof, no hard tangible facts, no traceable lineage, so the face of Freemasonry has evolved. Like other belief systems, the foundation and ideas of Freemasonry has changed from it’s first inception. But it’s underlying principal, unlike other divinity systems, has not changed. The fundamental idea of preserving Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. These things are important elements in that they promote the bond of the fraternity, recognize and illustrate the need for compassion, both in and out of the lodge, and lastly recognize and acknowledge a divinity unnamed.

These are the bonds of our fraternity, our philosophy. they are not secrets, but instead available to any who seek them out, but there in lies the key. They are available to those who seek them out. One cannot learn unless they desire to, and until the student wishes to gain the knowledge, they will forever wander in the darkness of the profane.


~ by Greg on October 25, 2005.

5 Responses to “the philosophy of Freemasonry”

  1. Hi Greg,

    I agree with your post in many respects. But as you state that Masonry has retreated into the lodge, so our society has retreated into their own homes.

    I don’t think it’s a problem with freemasonry, but rather a cultural issue that is causing a numerical decline in all fraternities (except the collage types of course).

    At least we’re not as bad off as the Oddfellows. Those guys will be extinct within a generation or so!

  2. I think some of our brothers, including myself, may not be literate of the knowledge of the ancients. I believe that this knowledge is a vital requirement for the future of the craft. As for myself I fully intend to fix that problem and in fact have already started.

  3. I, too, enjoyed reading Brother Greg’s article, but I personally haven’t seen that the average Blue Lodge has retreated into itself with its secrets. Instead, it’s become just another reflection of whatever town the lodge is in is like…. No one has any knowledge of Ancient Mysteries; in fact, to speak of Knowledge in that way inside most southern Blue Lodges would be to invite condemnation and accusations of being non-Christian and thus, “unMasonic.”

    Regarding the Oddfellows going dark within a generation… Based on a 20-year trend published in a 2003 issue of Masonic Messenger (the Ga. Masons magazine) showing the decline in the number of Georgia Masons each year, I extrapolated that Freemasonry in Georgia (lodges working under the Grand Lodge of Georgia, I should say) will be extinct in 27 years, based on the current loss of membership each year. More people die than join. And many don’t maintain their memberships.

    I mentioned that — the cold hard facts and numbers — in a lodge meeting back in ’03, and was told I was wrong and to stop being negative about our Craft. Not only does the average Mason today not know anything about Ancient Mystery Schools or anythign esoteric, they’re apparently not interested in Truth or in doing arithmetic, either. 🙂

    — WS

  4. One great thing about the God of the Holy Bible and Jesus’ teachings is that they are eternal and unchanging. There is no need for spin, or secrets, or revisions or purge or adapting to anything. Freemasonry has so many writers, so many sources, so many interpretations and so much obscure history that it becomes unreliable and suseptable to change when it comes under fire. I prefer something more stable and reliable like the Holy Bible and Jesus’ teachings.

  5. I’m a young mason in Quebec and I’ve come to realize something very quickly. There are those that join masonry for rank and fortune and those who seek knowledge and a way to make a better society. Unfortunately, most brethren that joined are a part of the first category. They read conspiracy theories and it may attract them to a so called power and status which is non-exisant. We all know about men of rank and power that happened to be masons but that was then and today that is no longer the case. I always believed that quality is better than quantity. I would rather be in a lodge of 7 masons in a basement of a tavern like the old times than in a fancy hall filled with men that happen to own a dues card and do not know nothing about the philosophy of masonry. It hurts me to see my brethren looking at their watch and counting the minutes for the meeting to end. It hurts me that they do not form study groups to openly talk and discuss different theories and liberal arts and sciences. I hope that this is only the case in our area.

    I was lucky enough to visit a lodge in Cuba and believe me when I say i saw the real beauty of masonry in their poverty. I saw and understood the meaning of brotherly love, Relief and Truth.

    merry chrismass to all

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