Education, Light, and where it’s Hidden.

To me, it seems that masonry leads to many areas of research and study. Whether it’s history, religion, belief or symbols, the study in all areas of it exists. And interestingly, it does not exist in a vacuum, but in an environment where there are many other people doing research and studying on the same topics and ideas.

I’ve heard that there is more research and books on the topic of “Freemasonry” than on any other subject, which I have found to be believable at times but not true. However, just with the web-sites that exist on masonic topics, it’s thoroughly researched, but still not thought of and behind the veil of society.

Certainly, the occasional movie comes out, National Treasure, the up coming Di Vinci Code and others that talk about it, but none of them really capture the essence of Freemasonry, only it’s impact on what ever the story is about. Perhaps it is that Freemasonry is not really a “thing”, but instead something that surrounds a thing, something ethereal, not really the cause of an action but a contributor.

Is Freemasonry a thing? Is it a tangible substance, or is it just an idea embodied by the men who join it. Does that give it substance? By people working the craft, is that enough to make it substance, or will it forever live in the realm of ideas?

One thing I have discovered is that Masonic light does not emanate from one source. Instead, I perceive it coming from a variety of sources, often from places you would least expect it. Directly, I see Masonic light coming from within. We each carry the light, learning from it’s reflection on the things we illuminate with our wisdom. The most profound and illuminating of sources is through the interaction of brothers both in and out of the lodge. Ironically, I feel that it is not just Freemason Brothers, but all seekers of light and higher illumination.

All light leads to the same divinity, known by different names in different lands. Freemasonry is but one path to that end. Once understood, the elusive light is not hidden, and instead resides within us, and is shone upon all that we see. The education helps to pull that light out, making it shine brighter and be cast more broadly.

What do you think?


~ by Greg on October 5, 2005.

2 Responses to “Education, Light, and where it’s Hidden.”

  1. You have said it all to well. Since my love of Masonry has started, I have found myself reaching out to learn everything you mentioned. For myself I never would have seen myself at this point in life. Its a beauty I never would of imagined.

  2. Beautifully said my brother. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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