Where have all the Masonic revolutionaries gone?

Where have all the Masonic revolutionaries gone?

I’ve wondered if you can (or should) put metrics on Freemasonry, but it makes me wonder today what it means to people and what it’s going to mean in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 years.

What to do, I don’t really know. Do we do anything? I think the strongest thing we can do is be a presence in the community. Not standing like a group of over dressed brick layers, but by serving a need in the community, and I think in many ways we do, but…

Is being involved enough? How do we get involved and get our name out into the world? Is that the best way to do things? How do we identify the ideals and purpose so we, as a group, can have a united effort to be revolutionary with? Being revolutionary doesn’t mean to revolt necessarily, but what are we innovative in today?

Our ideals have becomes the norm, so well, that society does not realize it. Democracy, friendship, cooperation, all things we can’t take credit for but we have held dear in our lodges. Perhaps our purpose is greater than these things?

After reading Ridley’s book, it struck me that the great thinkers that flocked to our society no longer do, so then are our ideas and purpose falling into obsolete practice that they are of decreasing interest to modern thinkers? Are we just not revolutionary any longer?


~ by Greg on September 22, 2005.

2 Responses to “Where have all the Masonic revolutionaries gone?”

  1. viva la revalution!!


  2. All too true. Sadly freemasonry has gone from a collective of leaders to a resistance cell avoiding change and progress at all cost. 😦

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