Who Owns Freemasonry

Who owns Freemasonry?

At times I find thoughts in my head that lead me to question ownership. Specifically, this time, I found myself looking at http://www.ephesians5-11.org/, which is a site dedicated to the ministry of Freemasons.

Their background, so I can tell is one where they believe that Freemasonry is a vile servant of the “devil” and that those who are members are going to go to hell. Praying on the simple nature of people, they proceed to offer exposés of the rights and rituals of Freemasonry, in order to expose some evil intention.

While examining their site, I came upon some specific references to the rituals used and started to wonder…. who are they to divulge what my group holds as sacred? Are they so uncompassionate that they feel they have a moral right to this intolerant behavior and can do no wrong when it comes to their ministry of the lord? That is a different topic, and one I’m working on now.

But the question still remains, do they have a right to reprint that work, to in effect slander, the fraternity? The intellectual property of Freemasonry is in the public domain, undoubtedly, but does that give them a right to abuse it for their own edification? Unfortunately, I’m afraid, it does. We as a group have never locked up our intellectual rights. But my guess is because they were from different times, and different times afforded easier attitudes towards the fraternity.

So with researching and examining the U.S. Trademark office, and the U.S. Patient office, it seems, no one owns Freemasonry. There are no past or present records of the ownership of Freemasonry. So then, does that mean there is no owner of Freemasonry? My position would be no, that we, the men who make up Freemasonry, are it’s owners. Perhaps not in it’s physical possession but in spirit and intent. Masonry is about making good men better, not about selling soap. So then, why not the men who make it better not be its owners?

We own Freemasonry. Freemasons, who have gone this way before…

Br. Greg

for reference..
In the matter of John F. Tolle, Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents, 1872, page 219, the Commissioner refused to register as a trademark certain words with the Masonic emblem for a flour manufacturer. The opinion stated:
(p. 219-220):
“There can be no doubt that this device, so commonly worn and employed by Masons, has an established mystic significance, universally recognized as existing; whether comprehended by all or not is not material to this issue. In view of the magnitude and extent of the Masonic organization, it is impossible to divest its symbols, or at least this particular symbol, perhaps the best known of all, of its ordinary significance wherever displayed. It will be universally understood, or misunderstood, as having Masonic significance, and therefore as a trademark must certainly work deception.”


~ by Greg on September 12, 2005.

One Response to “Who Owns Freemasonry”

  1. We own freemasonry. And we MUST remember that the basic unit of the LODGE (7 makes it perfect) came before the innovation of the Grand Lodge.
    With regard to the Ephesians people, yes – how dare they use that name… the people of Ephesus should be rebelling too!!!
    If they can question our masonry, we have every right to get in there and question their theology. And dodgy it is too.

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