Traveling between Lodges

This past week, I had the opportunity to travel to a new lodge. My goal and purpose was to find something closer to home and see how things are done in other places. One thing that struck me was that as masons, we don’t seem to travel as much as we once did. Perhaps it’s a localized thing, but the regular lay membership really should at some point experience the difference between lodges, even within their own town.

One of the things I distinctly noticed was the degree of the ritual change. Essentially the same, there were some slight variances in the performance of them. Not that I feel it’s significant, certainly, it’s just a matter of differences, but it was different to see it though my eyes.

My recommendation to any brother would be to travel and see how things are done one lodge to another. It really gives a healthy taste of how things are done somewhere else, and gives a great appreciation to the fraternity because of it’s similarity, from one town to the next.

My appreciation to the brethren of Hollywood – West Valley Masonic Lodge #355

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~ by Greg on September 5, 2005.

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