I’ve been reading a lot lately about things Freemasons can do to evolve the craft and restore it to a relevant thing. What’s interesting is that the ideas are very good, and will undoubatly lead to a stronger fraternity. I think part of the problem is getting the word to the lodges of what’s going on.

I’m curious, how many lodges really ever communicate with each other? Sure, within a community, there may be conversations or salutations, but do they ever talk, do they ever communicate?

As a group, we have stopped traveling between lodges, and men have stopped traveling, so I feel that in some ways the flow of ideas have stopped traveling. Also, the bond of men has tarnished as there has been less contact between one another.

There really needs to be a better level of communication between one another, and I am planning my first step. As an organization, we have been promoting out to the masses who we are, but have we been communicating to our members? Our Grand Lodge does well to send out magazines and solicitations for donations, but what have they organized as a just plain get togethers? We need to get members out of their homes, away from their TV’s and together for fellow ship, bonding, and networking. What use are we without networking within our membership? A brotherhood implies a family, and a family spends time with one another.

It’s time we spend time with one another.

Any thoughts?

Some of the references here:
the Masonic Manifesto, about the future of Freemasonry.

And The Knights of the North, Laudable Pursuits, a great analysis of what needs to be done.

There is more out there, but these are the best so far.


~ by Greg on August 25, 2005.

One Response to “Evolution”

  1. I think you’ve raised a good point, and we also have to pay more attention to the brethren within our own lodges. Too often we only see each other during meetings and that’s not nearly enough to learn about, and identify with, the hopes and dreams of our fellow brethren.

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